If you believe that there are elves hiding in trees or fairies living in flowers, then you’ll appreciate the magic of this week’s Featured Artist Snuapril01. The whimsical designs bring fairytales to life and invite you to a place where magic is just one dandelion wish away from coming true. Befriend the leaf man or study the enchanting scales of a dragon up close with Snuapril01 today!

Snuapril01, or April Lee, is a 40-year-old artist living and working in sunny California, U.S.A. She finds joy in little things from “singing for fun” to “helping people pick out their clothing.” Still, drawing is one of her favorite pastimes. She admits that her art “went through some phases” but that the Art Nouveau style — like artists Edmund Dulac or Kay Nielsen — has always resonated with her. She loves “anything fantasy related ” and her imaginative style perfectly captures the magic found in the illustrations of a children’s book. She finds inspiration from everything around her from art, fabrics, furniture, desserts, and more. She shares that she is also drawn to the wild dreamlike appeal of Cirque Du Soleil and loves trying to bring that world to life in her art.

She confesses it is difficult “to please your audience and clients at the same time while you are trying to make something you like/love.” However, April recognizes that ultimately the most important thing is to create for herself; an artist should not make art for the “glory” but rather to express their “own individuality” and to listen to their creative spirit. She follows the mantra “life is short and there are many things to learn” and she works to enjoy life and to learn as she goes. She reminds artists that “it is not a competition” and that “it’s ok to take breaks. And just keep going. Take good care of your health.”

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