Nuthing compares to a squirrel party! This week’s Featured Artist NicSquirrell invites you to your very own squirrel party with an assortment of her delightful designs that leave audiences feeling warm, cozy, and ready for a cup of tea. Whether it’s a wholesome design that shows off acorns, desserts, and squirrels in scarves that is appropriately named “Squirrel Party” or a different piece that shows off something equally charming like a fluffy-tailed fox, NicSquirrell’s artwork will have audiences feeling like they’ve found a safe place to rest during a winter storm.

NicSquirrell teases that her age is “plenty” and that she is currently living in a small village in southeast England where she enjoys exploring in her camper van, taking long walks, and drinking “lots of Earl Grey tea” to help inspire her cozy designs. She describes her art as “quirky and fun” and admits that she loves drawing animals because they “just sort of appear on the page as if they have a life of their own.” She laughs that they often come into the world with a “bemused” expression on their faces which gives her characters their trademark comical look. Although she gravitates towards drawing animals, she also hopes “to keep exploring new subjects and materials” in the future as well.

Her greatest accomplishment is pursuing her art as a full-time artist. She confesses that although she has a “long, ever changing to-do list” and it can sometimes feel like there isn’t time to create all the creatures in her imagination, she could never have imagined a different path for herself. She believes that creativity stems from the ability to stay curious; she recognizes that she will never run out of new ideas as long as she stays curious.

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