last night’s dream, then don’t worry because you’ve actually just stepped into the mind of this week’s Featured Artist DavidLoblaw. The surreal designs bring your strangest dreams to life with a juxtaposition of the familiar and the unfamiliar, or a vision of your world through a bizarre new lens. Sit back, relax, and indulge in this dream space with DavidLoblaw’s artwork today!

David Loblaw is a 57-year-old artist who began his career as a graphic designer; lately he has been experimenting with photo manipulation and digital painting. He is excited to see how modern mediums influence his style and change the future direction of his work. He says, “I think there is creativity in almost everything, from our modern world to straight up nature.” He tries to stay open to new ideas and techniques and he never wants to stop learning and adapting.

Today, he splits his time between his home in Canada and the beautiful Playa del Carmen in Mexico. He is inspired by the amazing marine life that is central to his artwork and shares, “I enjoy creating juxtaposed images that inspire some of my more surreal images.” In the future, he hopes to return to his roots and “get back to mixing paints and working on canvas again.”

Like many artists, he confesses that he might have a vision for a piece but that his ideas are living breathing things that change by the time he has finished. Still, he recognizes that “things feel like they will never be the way you want them to be, but if you just keep going you are more than likely to get there.”

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